Kaitlyn is paralysed from the chest down.  She came along to surf school with her family and threw herself into the experience.  Her face said it all.  None stop beaming with her sisters watching on from the beach whooping with delight to see her in the sea.

We were bowled over to hear that her experience with Surf Mobility encouraged ​Kaitlyn to get a surf board for her birthday.  We look forward to seeing you again Kaitlyn and seeing your progress !

Kitty - the smile says it all

Kitty joined us for a trial and from the moment she arrived to the moment she left, she beamed non-stop.  Although she has some disfigurement in both her hands and toes, this did not in any way shape or form deter Kitty from making the most of her experience.  She was a delight to meet and throughout the session we could see significant improvements in both her confidence and surfing skills. 

Kitty - it was a pleasure to meet you.

Ethan - our 'world record surfing dude'

Ethan who has a weakness down his left side, suffers with hearing and heart defects arrived for his surfing lesson with one huge smile on his face.  His personality just shone and his determination to enjoy the experience was obvious for all to see.

At the end of his surf lesson, he proudly announced that he was the new 'world record surfing dude' and devoured his lunch.   Ethan - it was a delight to meet you.

Kaitlyn - continues to surf !

George - overcomes his shyness !

Beth - does herself proud

George had never been in the sea before.  Suffering with quadriplegic cerebral palsy can make this difficult but with the right equipment and support from the team, George had an awesome experience.  His family watched on and wept tears of joy as they saw their little lad look like any other child enjoying the freedom of the sea for the first time. 

Unbeknown to the team George is shy by nature.  It is fair to say though that after his initial bashfulness (which didn't last long), George was a non-stop giggler !

Beth is a bright and determined 10 year old.  However, she has epilepsy and quadriplegic cerebral palsy which affects all 4 limbs, making it difficult for her to join in many sports.  When asked she jumped at the chance of taking part in a surfing lesson and by the end of the session came very close to standing.  

Well done Beth you gave it your all - we are all very proud of you.